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We welcome your interest in our Referral Program.
Our Referral Partner Program comprise with Lead Partnership and Referral Partner Program

Through this program, we can provide the incorporation, accounting and taxation services to clients that you refer to us. You will have the assurance that your clients will receive the highest quality service at the most competitive price. At the same time, we will reward you for the business you refer to us through our industry leading referral fee plan.

Lead Partnership Program

We believe that lead generation through search engine marketing is one of the cost-effective strategies to boost our online presence and attract qualified leads to our website. We will reward you for the business you refer to us through the industry leading partnership fee plan. For more detail, please write to our consultant today.

Referral Partner Program

We believe that business world is an integrated system. Businesses will require different services and support from one another. As such, we believe that we can bring value to your clients and added value to your service through the business that you refer to us. For instant, property agents refer our company’s incorporation and annual compliance services to their clients for property purchase. Besides helping their clients to save costs, it value-added to their service as an agent and earn a referral fee.

Benefits For You

Partners affliated with us are rewarded based off their performance in our long-running partner program. For better rewards, partners are encouraged to refer many clients and direct them to our attention.

In addition, not only do our premium partners earn a huge one-time sum when a client is referred to us, they also continue to receive a continuous referral fee on all rendered services for their past clients.

We have three levels for our partner program, namely:

  • Basic
  • Enhance
  • Premium

How It Works

Enrolling to MAL’s Referral program can be done by simply following these easy steps.

  • First, fill out the Partner Enrollment Request form and submit the completed form to us.
  • Once we have received your form and acknowledged it, you are required to provide us with a confirmation that all details you have provided to us are true. At the same time, we will also go over the structure of our Referral Partner Program so that both parties are on the same page. Once everyone is agreeable to the requirements of both sides, your profile will be entered and configured into our system.
  • Enrolled Partners are able to begin referring us leads as soon as their enrollment is acknowledged. Note that acceptance of leads will be subjected to our due process and we reserve the right to refuse.
  • In our system, your leads and referrals will be linked together and we will handle dealing with the client to provide them with their expected services on your behalf. This system will send you an update on your leads and referral status on a regular update automatically.
  • Your referral fees will be paid out on a quarterly basis according to the terms of agreement that you made while signing up.
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